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Hand-on Materials for Advanced Information Security Class

Taeshik Shon
Department of Computer Engineering
Ajou University

This website's goal is to provide students with a thorugh understanding of the security issues associated with the design, provision and management of security services for modern information systems, applications, and services. This course deals with fundamental security concepts, techniques and services. Thus this course will provide a comprehensive introduction and study into a broad selection of contemporary information security issues, concepts and policies. Through out this Lab, students will covers basic lectures on Linux Security, Web Security, Network Security and Digital Forensics



 Computer Programming, Computer Systems, and other fundamental background knowledge on Computer Science and Engineering will help student get through this course.


Hand-on Lab Materials (Slides, Tutorials, etc.)

o        Lab 1 : Linux Basics(Ubuntu)

-       Installation Of Linux (Ubuntu) on VMware

-       Introduction to Linux

-       Basic Linux Commands


o        Lab 2 : OWASP Vulnerabilities with WebGoat

-       What is OWASP and Top ten Vulnerabilities

-       OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities Test Bed : WebGoat

-       Installation of WebGoat

-       How to use WebGoat

-       Hands on Practice - Buffer Overflow


o        Lab 3 : Linux Kernel Module & LSM  (Under Construction)

-       What is Linux Kernel Module

-       How to Compile Linux Kernel

-       Introduction to LSM


o        Lab 4 : Network Packet Capture : Wireshark

-       Introduction to Wireshark

-       How to Capture Packets

-       Introducing Filtering Feature

-       How to use Statistics Feature of Wireshark


o        Lab 5 : OS Fingerprinting

-       What is Operating System Fingerprinting

-       OS Fingerprinting Techniques

-       How to use p0f(OS Fingerprinting Tool)


o        Lab 6 : Intrusion Detection System

-       What is Intrusion Detection System(IDS)

-       Introducing Intrusion Detecting Techniques

-       How to use Snort (IDS Tool)


o        Lab 7 : DataMining Tool : WEKA

-       What is WEKA

-       How to use Datamining Techniques

-       How to use WEKA for each Techniques


o        Lab 8 : Memory Forensics

-       Introduction to Memory Forensics

-       Memory Forensic Process

-       Capture and Analyze Memory Dump


o        Lab 9 : Forensic Framework : Encase  

-       What is Encase

-       How to use Encase

-       Hands on Practice


o        Lab 10 : Steganography

-       What is Steganography

-       How to Conceal Data

-       How to Use Steganography Tool

-       Case Study

-       Problem from Cryptography Contest(Stegano Problem)


o        Lab 10 : Web Browser Forensics

-       What is Web Browser Forensics

-       Web Forensic Tool Experiment



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