Welcome to ICS Lab

ICS(Information Communication Security) Lab is concentrating on the researches and development on ICS(Industrial Control System) Security as well as a variety of convergence security. In addition we have many experience about Digital Forensics - Linux/Unix File System Forensics. Currently we have many research projects regarding SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Security, Energy Management System, Substation Automation, Fuzzing/Vulnerability as well as other hot topics in Information Communication Technology domains. Major research interests of ICS lab. are EMS/RCC/RTU ICS security, Pen Test, Fuzzing, memory dumping for preventing privacy leakage, abnormal behavior detection, consolidated intelligent authentication architecture for smart device, smart platform, smart service, smart application based on open convergence environment. We are collaborating with National Security Research Institute, ETRI(Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), KISA(Korea Internet & Security Agency), KEPCO(Korea Electric Power Corporation), KPX(Korea Power Exchange), Prosecution Service, NAK(National Archives of Korea), Korea Sanhak Foundation, NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea) etc. We always welcome to visit us and hope to see you as one of ICS Lab. members.

Research Interests

  • Industrial Control System/Smart Grid Security (EMS, SCADA, FEP/RTU)
  • Digital Forensics (Linux/Unix File System, Mobile platform, SmartGrid forensics)
  • Network Intrusion, Abnormal Behaviour Detection
  • Anti-dump, Memory Protection, Boot-image Protection
  • Network/System Penetration Test/Vulnerability Analyzing
  • and many hot items in convergence security areas


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